PAI Yoga & Fitness is an official Columbus TRX® studio offering Total Body Conditioning, a type of training that uses your own body weight and gravity to build strength and condition muscles. All PAI TRX® classes can be varied to suit any level of fitness and strength. Our state-of-the-art studios are equipped with TRX® suspension equipment, kettlebells, smash balls and other equipment for varied workouts using a total body conditioning approach.

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TRX® Total Body Conditioning

Be prepared for anything in this dynamic TRX class that will strengthen, build and define muscle while burning fat. You can always count on a total-body approach, some metabolic conditioning, and the ability to modify exercises. Otherwise, anything goes: circuits, stations, ground drills, balance and flexibility training, and more. What are you waiting for? Get out of your comfort zone! All levels are welcome and modifications will be given to suit all needs.


High Intensity Interval Training is known for boosting your metabolism while burning tons of calories in a short period of time. You don’t need to spend hours training to become stronger and leaner. HIIT trains your body in a 3D platform. Train in all 3 planes of motion building strength with dynamic TRX movement patterns coupled with various modalities such as resistance bands, medicine balls and kettle bells. This will leave your body taxed, resulting in long lasting fat burning while having a blast!


TRX®/Kettlebell Combo

Mix the dynamic TRX class with kettlebells. Kettlebells are a tried and true tool for stripping fat and building strength. This class will focus primarily on building a solid foundation with basic movements including squats, dead lifts, swings, and presses. We also play with Primal Move and other body weight work similar to fundamental yoga poses, medicine balls, and plyometric conditioning.  Expect the class to alternate between heart racing aerobic work and slow strength movement exercises such that you catch your breath while learning tension techniques and other strength skills.

SpinTRX 60 + 75

Ride like Lance, train like a Navy Seal! This class is the perfect combination of cardio and strength to give you a complete total body workout. You start with an intense 30-minute cardio workout on the bikes then change gears to strength training on the TRX suspension trainer for 30 minutes. SpinTRX is ideal for those who want to combine cardio and strength in one visit. This class will help you ease into full hour of TRX.